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Videoture: Improving Poor Quality, Teeny-Tiny, and Older (Non-HD) Web Video

By: Richard Hart

Sooner or later, you are going to come across some great old web video or film clip that makes your point more understandably than you can. We've all been there! The clip may be from a supplier, or a manufacturer, or even from the nightly news. Your choices have been limited about improving the video quality up to this point, and it is still true to a degree, that if you "put junk in, and you are going to get junk out".

Video restoration is not a new idea, and in fact it started well back in the film days, with a frame by frame approach, where literally scratches, dirt and dust, were removed by hand, and then through the digital process. As you can imagine, this process is extremely expensive, and beyond the usable grasp of most of us. Some old films were even "colorized" at this point, replacing the black & white representation with something completely new and supposedly "better" (well... it was different!).

In modern Non-Linear Editors (NLE's), a broad host of digital tools exist that already give video makers enormous control over the output, hue, shape and size of their video work. But very few tools have existed, that actually and comprehensively added pixel depth, clarity, and dimensionality to low grade video footage. Videoture has developed an affordable technique for increasing clarity and dimensionality, that does not require frame by frame restoration. That said, the process we use is not "automated" either, and does require a skilled eye as the video clip is processed. It works on most clips, but not all clips. We can't guarantee results on any clip, but we can guarantee that you won't have to pay for our restoration services, if you are not satisfied with the result. We approach each clip carefully, and never try to promise more than we know we can deliver.