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Videoture: Aerial Video Makes More Compelling Web Page Viewing Fulfillment

Videoture DJI Phantom 3 with Ground ControllerBy: Richard Hart

With recent development and engineering in Drone and Aerial Video technologies, you can now add a dimension to your marketing message that until now was too costly. Our drone cameras capture stunning (4K) and High-Definition (HD) shots that are professionally stabilized in winds up to 20 miles per hour! We then edit thistogether with HD ground video footage, to create the end result in a Captivating Message that SETS YOU APART from your competition.

The Videoture Aerial Video Process

1. Storyboard – Our first task is to identify and map out the overall story you wish to tell. From there, we can identify the various shots, angles, and footage to capture. This is a collaborative process between you and our Producer in order to finalize the concept of your video.

2. Production – We next arrive on location and film the raw footage (aerial and ground) using the shot schedule from step 1 as our guide.

3. Post-Production & Editing – Wrapping up, we edit the various video/photo segments together and overlay a music soundtrack and/or voice-overs in order to finalize the video envisioned in the original storyboard. We can then output the final version in multiple formats (Blue-Ray, High-Definition, DVD, Web-Ready, Youtube, etc.) in order for you to add to your various marketing channels.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Webpage Metadata Suggestions – Lastly, We make suggestions so you can optimize your video placement and ensure your video and web page are getting the best posssibile consideration from Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Seeing is truly believing, and the more people that see your new video - the more people who will want your products and services.... It's a beautiful thing!

Richard Hart Oakland California