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About Us at Videoture

Videoture Studio got it's start as the marketing arm of PSICOMPANY.COM in 2005, as an effort to find creative and profitable ways to sell navigation and communication electronics. At that time, PSICOMPANY.COM was actively investigating different marketing methodologies including the web (e-commerce) and web video. Although broadband internet bandwidth was a limiting factor to rapid growth and acceptance at that time, we produced over 1000 product videos, informational and product video guides in our quest.

As the electronics business grew, we discovered the immediate and undeniable relationship between the product videos we developed (placed on, and the amount of new business being generated by the internet portion of our business. We simply kept making more videos, and the more video we made - the more new business we generated.

Many of the search engines, like Google and Yahoo were beginning to evaluate algorithms for determining web site relevancies for their search engine site placement results. Search appropriate relevant videos began springing up alongside our traditional web product placements, and in many cases had multiple references with URL links on the first page of the search engine results. At that moment, we determined that all businesses concerned about internet search placements were going to have to consider a strategy about relevant video in their web presence. Videoture (video + literature) was founded to assist other companies in their desire to improve their visibility and customer messaging. So, we sold the electronics business in 2011, and started working web video full-time as our main thrust.

Videoture Boom Mic

Other Things About Videoture

We love our work, and we choose to work on projects and with people that share our passion for growth and improvement. We keep all our projects "on time and on budget", and we don't shy away from adventures that are a challenge. Our Motto: "Don't let your budget be the boss".

We Build "In-house" Video Departments... Maybe for you!"

One of the best parts of our wok is actually equipping our customers to do their own work. What we do isn't magic... but, there are a few tricks involved - and we don't mind sharing our success. Most of our customers realize quickly that web video should be a fundamental component in their product and services marketing, and having the production skills to quickly deploy a web video once a new idea or product arrives is a key to getting a jump on the competition and the web. We can equip you with:

1) HD Video Equipment Usage, Conceptualization and Budgeting (if required)
2) Training on HD Video Camera Use (if required)
3) Video Editing Software Training and Use (if required)
4) Building a Chroma Key Studio in your Location (if required)

Blue Glass Music, LLC

A fundamental part of a great video is the audio. We have been actively involved audio and music production since 1976, and have a full in-house digital studio to create custom sound tracks (audio) and music for your project. For projects with larger requirements, we recommend our clients to Carmen Grillo at in Los Angeles, California.

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The 2612 Building, In the Port of Tacoma, Washington

This our HQ and main chroma key/sound stage facility at the moment. This historic building was the original engineering headquarters for the Alyeska Pipeline Pump Stations, that were built in the Port of Tacoma, and delivered by barge to Alaska. This 10,600 square foot facility is located conveniently on Highway "99", in Tacoma, Washington. We own the building, and have some commercial space for lease too.

The 2612 Building Information

Super Beaches Hawaii (

This custom web site and HD Video project was designed as a review and preview of all the major "Super Beaches" in Hawaii. Looking for a fun way to find our about the beaches of Hawaii? Consider spending some soak time at!

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