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Videoture: Benjamin Moore "Shades of Life" Campaign

By: Richard Hart

Now I admit a fondness for Paint Ad Campaigns! With the "Big Box" stores getting into the paint business in a big way, there remains very little room and margin for inventive new ideas and promotions to make a difference in how people view the product differentiations. Web video provided a great canvas for Benjamin Moore Paints to articulate their vision, and they opted to let the paint become the "characters" of their campaign.

You also get a great look "behind the scenes" if you watch the playlist through until the end. Several really great firms cooperated internationally on this effort, and one of the stars here is the robotic arm that digitally sprays and applies paint artistically within the videos. It would be fair to also suggest that the storyboard alone here probably cost more than the yearly ad budget of most of our clients. But don't let that deter you. What makes this piece work is the passion that was used in making the video. You really get the sense that these people like paint, and the way it impacts your life and circumstance. That is the real secret to any successful video campaign.

Lastly, also please check out the Videoture Youtube Introductory Sequence. This 15 Second clip was added at the beginning of the Playlist to give the viewer a chance to ready their web video player with HD to not miss a second of the amazing camera work and color.

Videoture Note:
Benjamin Moore Paint's "Shades of Life" campaign is probably the best paint ad work we have seen since Really Smart penned their award winning Parker Paint "Good as Gold" campaign on the transit buses in the Pacific Northwest, US.