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Videoture: Steinberg's Cubasis is a Case for Web Video Campaigning

Cubasis for Apple iPadBy: Richard Hart

The challenge was very clearly defined for Steinberg's (aka "Cubase") new product offering "Cubasis": Develop significant market penetration in the already crowded APP market for Apple's iPad and other digital tablets. Compounding the issue was a
technical offering that required some explanation to adequately convince buyers of it's readiness in the digital tablet arena.

The good news was that Steinberg already had an established base of satisfied repeat "Cubase" desktop users, and a formidable e-mail list of potential buyers, and users going forward. The bad news was the budget was tight, and the roll-out window was narrow. Literally, competitive products were already flooding the market, and they were all looking to make a name for themselves - and oh yes, a few of them had considerable bank rolls to help them get to market!

"Cubasis" needed to make a big splash quick, and it needed to be effective - and on budget. Video was the answer, and Cubase was well familiar with the power and practical necessity of employing a two-tiered approach to make their point.

First, a 01:30 sales appetizer, followed by a series of "How to's" that stressed the easy to learn the dimensionality of the product. As with other tutorials they had made in the past, keeping the content moving and the video short were practical necessities.

One of the few nods to technical necessity was the need to employ a "digital" hand to touch the iPad as it demonstrated the myriad of Cubasis features. Literally, "digital hands cast no shadows", and after compositing the hand "button pressing", the rest of the video production was very straight forward and super cost effective.

Videoture has used Cubase products in it's Blue Glass Music Studios since 2004. When the time came for update to our iPad's, we didn't have to think twice about what products we would consider for mobile digital recording sequencing. In fact, our Cubasis iPad now serves as our field recorder often replacing a $4000 mobile unit - and we couldn't be happier.

Want a great affordable mobile digital recorder? Consider Steinberg's "Cubasis"! Want a great video or video series to explain your product to the world? ... it's Videoture baby!