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So how much is Videoture going to cost?

Questioning Man in Bronze Sooner or later, every good idea explained has a cost involved. Our services are not free, but since we don't recommend them unless they can make you more profit than you will spend to acquire them - they are better. For simplicity, we break our products down into groupings:

First, we can convert your Portable Document Files (PDF) sales material to HD Video and put it on Youtube for you. This costs as little as $65. Second, we can make you a 30 second product video specific to your product, with as many as six (6) key benefit points included. That will set you back $75. More, if you want more benefit points... but not a lot more.

Would you spend $65 if you knew with high probability that your unique product video with your name and/or logo and telephone number included, would be on Google/Bing/Yahoo Page One (1) in search listing for your product? Let me make it better; you pay no per click fees or additional ongoing expense for the benefit!

Is this starting to make sense?

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