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Videoture: Loma Linda University "Week of Renewal" - Jesus the Master Healer (2014)

By: Richard Hart

Loma Linda University Health has been an excellent example of how to relate your passion for your work, since they started the process of using web video to enjoin students, faculty, patients, administration, and the watching world in their process. The examples here are typical results for Loma Linda University Health's (LLUH) web video portfolio. But, this recent outreach titled "Week of Renewal - Jesus the Master Healer" particularly highlighted some meaningful web video making attributes about why some web video efforts work brilliantly, and unfortunately why others fail.

Why Loma Linda University Health Web Videos Work

The showcase here contains three recent well done web videos examples. The first 30 second spot is an ad done for Television and the Internet. It provides a very succinct explanation of what LLUH does, why they do it, and where they do it. Perfunctory? Yes! But, it is a classic 30 spot made in the tradition of health care ads. It is a calming effort, made to reinforce the viewer that they can use LLUH without worry. They are "living" what they practice, and it works. All good!

The next spot features Dr. Richard Hart, President of LLUH. This off center, one person narrative, is another example of how to use your passion to make a point. I won't attempt to dissect the theology in the explanation, but Dr. Hart brings out some excellent and relatable points that anyone could agree with regardless of your theological persuasion. His empathy is palpable, and I believe he is filmed in the best possible positioning for relating his story. Please note how the ambient background does not become part of the story here in the filming.

Crisp editing also allows for the impression that the explanatory is flowing (even though substantial editing was employed to keep the viewing perspective fresh and the story line flowing).

The next spot features the story of Ruthita Fike, the Chief Executive Officer at the Loma Linda University Medical Center. Like the previous web video, this is shot as a one person narrative with Ms. Fike relating a painful experience with a close personal friend. This type of story use is relatively common in people's personal lives, but uncommon in the world of traditional relational web video. It deals with marital infidelity - and how ultimately, Jesus is the "Master Healer" when people allow Him space and time.

This web video also chances a risk, being shot in a relatively open area with people walking through the shooting set. But the edit sequence, and the short focal length keep the viewers eyes where they belong in the shot. Another contributory visual element here is Ms. Fike's blue dress which is the centerpiece of the contrast in the shot. Strong colors will enhance peoples willingness to view a video, or they can short circuit the viewers willingness to continue to watch a video. This example works because the blue outfit works with here face, and the background has a sterile white ambience. The natural light impression is also a plus here, and the light is handled masterfully throughout the entire sequence.