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Videoture: Spread "The Marmalade" on Your Project

spikeBy Richard Hart

Even pro video makers need a video to explain what they do to the buying world. Examples abound, but few are in the "like dat" category as the "techno genius" of The Marmalade Creative Effects GmbH & Co. KG of Hamburg, Germany. This Company has had a hyper-magnetic impact on the way the commercial world perceives "slow motion" and the "following-detailed" macro camera shot.

Many new imitators have sprung up to try to satisfy the demand that "The Marmalade" has generated for consumption, but their radical and continuing improvements to their robotic co-worker "SPIKE" literally has set them far ahead of the would-be crowd.

At the heart of SPIKE, is a computer controlled robotic armature that can be precisely timed and moved. At its furthest extension, lies a super high grade industrial multiuse video camera connected to various recording and rendering devices. Literally, this camera system has been wetted with everything from champagne to high grade paints. From motor oil to propelled sweat - and almost everything else you can think of.

Why do they do it? To get the shot they need! Their company credo is to help you get the shot of your product that no one else has seen yet. And, to do it in a way, that you simply can not help but watch. Magic?... yeah, maybe. But these guys are the real deal. I mean, who else has a full blown machine shop in their studio?

For a recent client example Check out the
(Videoture: Benjamin Moore Paints Campaign)

In their words:

Our staff is highly experienced in all areas of the art and craft of special effects.

Directors, DoPs, model-makers, mechanical engineers, food stylists, pyrotechnists, matte painters, fluids specialists, 3D-animators and compositing professionals are working in close collaboration to conceive and perform all that's necessary to yield the highest quality output in the most cost-effective manner.

Our emphasis on a finely tuned interplay of hand-made and computer-based production methods allows us to solve tasks of high complexity and achieve excellent and homogenous results.

Your production is in safe and experienced hands, from the visual conception to the final master.

Our ground breaking High Speed Motion Control System 'Spike' brings the creative freedom of a moving camera to the world of high speed filming and so enables us to create shots that would be impossible to achieve otherwise. 'Spike' can freely move the camera with unparalleled speed and precision, thereby removing the previously existing creative limitation of having to shoot high speed sequences with a locked camera.

By marrying the hardware of a sturdy and reliable industrial robot to software that was built from the ground up for the demands of motion controlled high speed imaging, we developed a unique system for creating real life camera moves with the ease of use normally associated with 3D Animation.

Exactly repeatable camera moves can be created and modified within a matter of seconds. Using the rich pre-visualisation features of the system, creative options can be quickly explored on the computer screen and the resulting changes then immediately be performed for real. Additional effects can be triggered in sync with the move, allowing complex effect sequences to be performed.

And of course 'Spike' also is at home at slower speeds, producing dramatic product shots as well as stealthy perspective changes and breathing life into pack shots.

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