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Videoture: Add a Big Screen Web Video Pop-up Viewer

I hate having to use my reading glasses to watch a web video! NEWSFLASH~ So do your customers!
Here is how to add a super wide "Big Screen" to your web pages without having to destroy your pre-determined web boundaries and general design. You will need to download a few items (See Below) and you will need some general HTML web skills.

(See the 1280w x 720h Example)

Also, the size, and colors of the player background as well as the
overall background can be modified to style to your website parameters.

One issue remains with this add however in that Google Chrome will show the enlarged screen as it loads, even if another component of HTML is being used in the spot where the Big Pop-up Viewer will reside. It seems to work flawlessly on all other browsers however.

Download the HTML REVEAL MODAL Components

A super "How to" Article exists at that gives a very good overview of how to customize the viewer and also add Mobile Capacity to the Deal