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Videoture: Shapeways "3D Printing" Uses Web Video to Shape Thinking

3D PrinterBy: Richard Hart

There is no faster growing industrial application than that of the new revolutionary "3D Printing". 3D Printing, which is also called "Additive Manufacturing" or "AM", is leaving its mark on every single industrial manufacturing sector, and it has also found its way into consumer use as well. The implications of 3D Printing are so profound, that the projected financial models for its use exceed that of the wireless radio and television. Experts theorize that some form of this technology will be found in every home, very similarly to the way the personal computer has integrated into most peoples lives.

With bold expectations for this rapidly expanding technology in place, it is surprising that many people are still unaware of the potential of this technology, and have no notion of the potential and how the 3D Printers actually function. Compared to most manufacturing systems, 3D Printing uses an "Additive" concept where it builds on itself - either with plastics, metals, ceramics and other materials. The system interconnects with a computer to provide the drawing or format from which a 3D Model informs the constructing armatures how to create the desired item. Literally building on itself - from the "ground" up.

High speed robotics provide the armature movements, and lasers provide the heat for fusing the materials as the 3D printer constructs a facsimile of the 3D drawing or model in the computer. Voila! Something new, where nothing but potential existed before.

So, with a world of potential in front of them, 3D Printing industry leader Shapeways need a method to start communicating to potential customers and interested viewers about how their products and services could be used. They had a great web site, full of content, but the explanations ran long, and frankly it was easy to loose even the most interested viewer. Web Video provided a perfect fit to reduce their messaging to understandable imagery and spoken words.

Shapeways also determined that they could help their customers by providing a way for them to sell their 3D Printed objects, designs and computer models to the buying public, and then began implementing "how-to" information through their web video services.

Shapeways 3D Printing ServicesAll in all, it is a text book example of how web video can supplement your message, and help bring your closer to your expectations for success.

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