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Videoture Studio Pages:

ø ChromaKey Studio
ø 30 Second Video Templates (Affordable)
ø PDF to HD Video Conversions
ø Video Transition Examples
ø Video Fade Examples
ø Royalty Free Music
ø Digital (HDR) Photography and Tone Mapping
ø Custom Music Soundtracks / Jingles

Videoture: Case Studies in Video Success

ø Truthxchange: "Oneism and Twoism"
ø Tomas Vu (Artist) - "Surf's Up" - INTEL Series
ø Frank L. Anderson "Renaissance Man" - INTEL
ø Shapeways 3D uses Video to Shape Thinking
ø Steinberg Cubasis for iPad
ø Google taps Video to relate information easily
ø Mars Hill Church: One Message, Triune Cameras
ø Loma Linda University "Week of Renewal"
ø GoPro is making the Video Camera a Part of Life
ø John Neeman Tools - Forging Web Video Success
ø Benjamin Moore Paint "Shades of Life"
ø "Debunked" Delivers Debate Data Divinely
ø "Shoot Like A Pro" - Sony
ø Spread "The Marmalade" on Your Project
ø Foreign Fields' are Favorites"
ø Widerøe's Flyveselskap "Grandpa's Magic Trick"

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ø How to Construct a Website Video That Works
ø 9 Practical Reasons Why Web Video is a Must
ø A Website Without Video is Like...
ø How Much Does it Cost to Shoot a Commercial?
ø How to make a boring business exciting with video
ø Real "Talking Heads" versus Avatars
ø The 120 second Solution - The Lost Brad Tapes
ø The Brand story - A tale worth telling
ø The Next Generation Website Model
ø Video Microsites - the Brand Story Solution

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ø Google's 2014 Plans
ø 8 Brain Branding Website Techniques
ø How to Manipulate Website Visitors
ø How to Analyze Your Website
ø 18 Web Marketing Concepts that Make a Difference
ø 8 Things That Motivate a Web Audience Responses
ø Advertising's Most Important Word
ø Cache Web Marketing Manifesto
ø Content Conumdrum
ø Does Your Website Need a Magic Act?
ø Civing Voice to Your Marketing Personality on the Web
ø The art of developing website content
ø The Brand story - A tale worth telling
ø The Law of Dissatisfaction
ø The Next Generation Website Model
ø Websites: It's the Experience Stupid!
ø Your Website Does Not Need A Call to Action

Videoture Logistics:

ø Home Page
ø Contact Us
ø About Videoture

Videoture Youtube Technical Solutions:

ø Encoding Video for Youtube - Some Professional Advice
ø Dealing with Common Web Video Problems
ø Problems with Youtube Video in Web Browsers
ø Youtube (Autoplay / Eliminate Related Suggestions)
ø Youtube Timeline Controls (Cue Points) Solutions
ø Youtube Timeline Looping (Loop) Solutions
ø Youtube Brand Removal from Web Video Player
ø How our Embed produces a great looking web page

Videoture: Video SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

ø Help Search Engines find your Video (Video SEO)

2012 Best Video Ads

ø Surprisingly Affordable Video Shoots for 2012

12 Steps to Making a Mobile App

ø 12 Steps to Making a Mobile App Part 1
ø 12 Steps to Making a Mobile App Part 2

A Guide to Youtube Video Marketing

ø Your Guide to Youtube Marketing Ideas

Videoture: Lighting Technologies Available

ø Studio Lighting Technologies

Add a Big Screen Web Video Pop-up Viewer

ø Videoture Big Screen Window Pop-up

Options for Hosting Streaming Videos

ø Examine Your Options in Web Video Hosting

Improving Poor Quality, Teeny-Tiny, and Older (Non-HD) Web Video

ø Everyone wants it bigger and better these days