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Solutions to Common Web Video Playback Problems

By: Richard Hart

Like any good technical product, there are problems sometimes when web video is being used in a web browser.
We have identified several of the common problems, and have some solutions for your consideration.

Some Videoture Solutions To Common Web Browser Video Playback Issues...
  • The web video doesn't play at all, only a warning box appears or I get an error message...

    • The version of Adobe Flash on your computer may be out-of-date. You need to download and install the latest version of Flash for your browser (the price is's free!). To download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash, just click here. If you still have problems, then completely uninstall Flash from your computer, download the latest version of Flash again and re-install.
  • Web video keeps pausing every few seconds, and I get "buffering or spinning dot circle" messages...

    • This is caused by the speed of your Internet connection and/or the processing power of your computer. Nearly all videos on the Internet are simultaneously downloaded and played at the same time. If your Internet connection isn't fast enough (meaning your computer is trying to play the video faster than it can download it), you'll get this problem. Also, it could be caused by your computer not being powerful enough to both download and playback the video at the same time (this is especially true with high definition videos, like on this site). Whatever the case, the easiest solution is to start playing a video, hit the pause button, wait until the video is completely downloaded and then hit the play button again. This will usually provide uninterrupted video playback.
  • The web video stops at a certain point and no matter what I do it won't play any further...

    • Your web browser's cache is full. Here's how to clear it. If you’re using Internet Explorer, do this:
    • 1. In Internet Explorer, from the main menu bar, choose Tools and Options
      2. Click the Delete Files button and choose OK
      3. Click the Settings button.  Increase the “Amount of Disk Space To Use” under the “Temporary Internet Files Folder” option.
      4. Click OK to exit out of the options.
      5. Refresh your browser and try viewing the videos again.

      If you’re using FireFox, do this:
      1. In Firefox, from the main menu bar, choose Tools and Clear Private Data
      2. Make sure only Cache is checked
      3. Click the Clear Private Data Now button
      4. Refresh your browser and try viewing the videos again.
  • The web video appears cut-off or I can't see the entire web video...

    • Many of the videos on our web site are hosted at If you click on the web video as is it is playing, you will connect a link directly to our account and they will play you the web video. This will also give you the opportunity to see the web video in HD wide screen format. The options for video resolution are 240p (mobile), 360p, 480p, 720p (HD), and 1080p (HD). The higher resolution web videos take more time to load for playing.
  • I've done all of the above, but nothing works, I still can't watch web videos...

    • First we'd recommend trying a different browser. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, use Firefox instead. If you still have problems, it's likely your computer has configuration issues and needs to be worked on by a qualified technician.