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Solutions to Youtube Video Player Cue Points

By: Richard Hart

As a video maker, I am constantly wishing that Youtube would allow my cue points (or chapters) to be part of my video storytelling. In Youtube speak, this means the timeline of the video, and how the Youtube video player responds to time commands. There is no chapter command per se, but you can direct the player to specific time request by the use of time commands in the syntax string.

Let's say as an example, you wanted the video to start various times by clicking links in relation to those times. See our example below:

At One Minute (1:00):

At One Minute and Twenty-two seconds (1:22)

At Three Minutes and Sixteen Seconds (3:16)

Add #t=(minutes)m(seconds)s
(#t=3m16s) after the Youtuve video source

The caveat for this structure is that Youtube will only allow you to direct the timeline if you are on THEIR page, which really is terribly restrictive and not helpful. If you have strong requirements for time (or segment) control you should be looking at other video host platforms for your needs.

Youtube Video Timeline Looping

Video Loops are everywhere! Virtually every ad you see on the web is based on a "loop", with the the idea that if you watched it once - you might just watch it twice - and so on.

Youtube makes this very straight forward wfor both single videos and video playlists by simply adding a loop command.

Youtube Playlist Example (Multiple Videos Repeated):
<iframe width="1100" height="619" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

See an example in the player

Single Video Example (same Video Repeated):
Create a Playlist with the same video played twice, and then add the playlist syntax shown above for Playlist.

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