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Videoture: Widerøe's Flyveselskap (Airline) "Grandpa's Magic Trick" is Magic

Wideroe AirlinesBy: Richard Hart

You are in Trondheim and you've got to get to Stavanger by 5:00PM - what ever do you do? (pssst... that's Norway!)

Call Wideroe Flyveselskap (Airline), and book for the 3:30 - that's what. Widerøe is the largest regional airline in Scandinavia, with a staff of 1,500 and a turnover of NOK 3.5 billion. The company carries around 2.8 million passengers annually and flies to 47 domestic and international destinations, including summer routes.

Widerøe operates more than 450 flights every day and operates to more than twice as many airports in Norway than any other airline. Today our network consists of 60% commercial routes, and 40% PSO routes (Public Services Obligations).

Widerøe's Flyveselskap (Airline) "Grandpa' Magic Trick" video is one of the most sublime 50 second spots on the planet. What makes it absolutely stunning is the amazingly believable portrayals of the characters (Grandpa and the boy), and the drop dead landscape of Norway's fjords and verdant farmland. Yes indeed... there is "magic" in this video, but it's not only Grandpa's illusion. This is filmmaking at it's best, and the only thing approaching a video technical complexity is the last shot from a rented "cherry picker" boom to do a pan away grand close.

"Grandpa's Magic Trick" was designed by McCann Oslo for Widerøe Flyveselskap, and it has put Widerøe in the world's view in a way that would have been challenging by simply creating video about air travel.

The Wideroe Flyveselskap "Grandpa's Magic Trick" lessons learned

ø Empathy is a requirement if you want your web video watching crowd to be with you emotionally.
ø Natural beauty is a great hook! We need it and love it when we see it! (Clear Sunny Day)
ø Happy Grandpa's are magic (love those smiles)
ø Always takeoff and land on time (Timing is everything)